Who are we?

Welcome to the personal blog of the Cognitive Biology of Language research group. We’re from the University of Barcelona and the group is headed by Cedric Boeckx. We decided to write this blog to have a more casual medium to express our thoughts on the work we do, both related to its content as well as the challenges that surround it. Our idea is to make this a space to freely mix serious academic issues with more easily digestible content. If you want to share any thoughts on any of the topics discussed here, we’re very much looking forward to hearing from you in the comments section. You can also write to us or visit us on Twitter!

Alejandro Andirkó

Alejandro is a real interdisciplinary trapeze artist, working with data from genetics, neurobiology, comparative cognition, archaeology, and early brain and skull development to understand the ‘human condition’. He is also a bassist and great dancer after a few drinks.

Juan Andrés Moriano Palacios

As a neuroscientist with a background in genetics, Juan’s main interest is to understand how cognitive abilities, particularly those implicated in human language, are implemented in the nervous system.

Pedro Tiago Martins

Pedro is interested in the evolution of speech as part of his PhD, and he likes to believe that everything he studies is somehow related to that. People don’t recognise him when he shaves his beard. He enjoys playing the bass (sometimes simultaneously with Alejandro, with mixed results).

Stefanie Sturm

Stefanie has just started her PhD on Down syndrome and cognition. She is interested in how the brain does the things it does, understanding peoples’ minds, reading novels, listening to music and hanging out with her cat Mecki.

Thomas O’Rourke

Tom is interested in the evolution of cognitive capacities that converge in language. He is currently working on the influence of chronic stress or lack thereof on the evolution of modern human cognition, and by being a PhD student he is also a case study in itself for the effects of chronic stress on general state of mind. He also likes electronic music, dogs, and discussing recycling.

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